Onsite training and development for teachers and professors at schools and universities seeking to improve teaching methods and enhanced use of technology in the classroom

Onsite professional development is an ideal option for schools and districts seeking training for a number of teachers at once. Onsite training can be customized to meet specific school or district needs. The customer will select the site and Central Learning will provide the Certified Professional Trainer. The training site must have an Internet-connected computer for each participant and for the Trainer, a computer lab, an LCD projector, a whiteboard, and a viewing screen. Two months’ noticed is required to schedule onsite professional development.

Web-based tutorial training sessions for those times and budgets where onsite training is not feasible to provide

Student performance in middle school math and science is in a perilous state. This crisis is reflected in results on key national assessments such as NAEP that indicate that less than one-third of students in the 8th grade perform at a proficient or higher level in math or science. To address this issue, an innovative Instructional Model, the 4E x 2 Model, was recently proposed by us to improve the achievement of students via rigorous and authentic inquiry-based learning experiences. This Model aims to help K-12 teachers facilitate learning that includes explicitly addressing formative assessment, inquiry instruction, and reflective practice at each step of the pedagogical process.

Curriculum development for all major K-20 subjects

Process of curriculum development is essential for successful achieving educational goals for medical students. It asks for systematic approach which should respect several aspects: the needs of patients, of the society, the students and teaching staff. This process should be maximal efficient and effective; it should be built upon previous work. Process itself should be done in a specific algorithm starting from the definition of final goals of the educational process, through the selection of the certain tools for achieving this goals, and integration of different elements inside one curriculum.