Central Learning is a global provider of custom learning solutions, consulting, and contingent workforce services. Combining award-winning adult learning experience with a proven engagement methodology that includes a talented network of learning professionals, TrainingFolks collaborates with our clients to implement change.

Founded in 2006, Central Learning mission is to build a higher performing workforce. We address our clients' issues of urgency, capacity, and capability. Our clients have shared with us the competitive advantages and reasons they have selected Central Learning.

Global Scalability Central Learning ability to meet enterprise-wide learning initiatives, while complementing our clients' internal team's resources, gives our clients the global talent they need while removing the logistical issues and constraints for implementation. This enables our clients to focus on other key business drivers.

Performance Consulting Expertise Clients depend on Central Learning to align learning strategies to job performance that will improve business results. With over 1000 successful projects completed, we have the experience to create high impact learning.

Central Learning is a global training and development company committed to providing custom learning solutions that help you reach your business goals.

Flexibility and Adaptability Central Learning ability to work within our clients' unique processes and systems allows for ease of engagement. When priorities or needs change - as they often do - we have been able to modify our approach to address the new set of circumstances.

Industry and Subject Matter Experience Understanding the key business drivers within our clients' industry is critical for all projects that TrainingFolks is involved in. Our professionals have this experience to enable a rapid project execution.

These advantages are why clients have engaged us. In addition, our clients have shared why they re-engage with Central Learning: from the initial conversation to the close-out of a project, we demonstrate a belief that our success is dependent upon our clients' success. We understand that it is critical to have a commitment to satisfaction and a guaranteed quality of service.

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